Importance of Theatre acting and learning in real life

Theatre used to be the only medium to entertain people in ancient times, because we didn’t have television and movie theatre’s. Therefore, some group of people would perform chorus in order to entertain people as well as making them aware about historic events.

Theatre not only makes good actors but also it helps people to become good human beings. Apart from that, it brings discipline in life because in some ways theatre and discipline, both are two shades of same coin. Theatre also influences actor’s personality in a way that broadens all the avenues of people’s mind and transcends their human intellectuality.

While doing theatre, people tend to learn so many skills such as music, singing, set designing, light designing and costumes, and at the same time it enables artists as to how to use all these tools to make it more entertaining and convincing. When artists are equipped with such skills then they can easily manage to deliver impressive performance which could engage people emotionally. Essentially, what screen play is all about? It doesn’t really matters in many cases when it largely relates to our societal issues, human behavior, country and different cultures of this world. That’s the reasons when screen plays are written, they are concentrated on real issues or we can say they should be conveying reality of life in general. Furthermore, good directors can go one step further if they try and offer solutions to societal problems. While going through such practice, most actors are bound to transform in such a personality which is well informed and emotional. As a result, most are able to overcome any serious issues in life.

Additionally, as everyone knows that there are no re-takes in theatre. If in case mistakes occur at the stage that cannot be amended and re-presented the way it meant to be and whatever impact it leaves on play cannot be compensated. However, thereon actors ensure that mistakes should not be repeated in the future. Theatre can be seen in a context of life too such as whatever time is passing by that’s gone and doesn’t come back so there are no re-takes in lives too. Hence, every step needs to be taken carefully, because if today is the result of your yesterday’shard work and decisions then likewise tomorrow is going to be the outcome of your today’s decisions and hard work. As kabir Das Ji said, if someone says something undesirable about you that you don’t like, just don’t dislike him/her rather you must keep him/her with you because these very people tend to make you aware about your weaknesses, thereafter, you manage to become good human being gradually. Similarly for all actors the audience is their critique, having seen their performance audience have a tendency to to say good things and bad things about actors and if actors try and take every feedback positively then some day they can become great actors.

Gajendra Rathi