Breaking Through The Patriarchy: Women Calling The Shots In Family Business

Family businesses are considered as a foundation of the global economy, representing an estimated 70% to 90% of the global GDP and 50% to 80% of jobs in the majority of countries worldwide.

Gone are the days when a woman’s contribution to her family was only confined to the kitchen. Right to higher education, awareness, being disgruntled about their corporate jobs, shrinking size of the family and sometimes their own families’ circumstances have forced them to take up the family business. As the times are changing, the participation of women in the ownership, management and direction of family business has been growing from the last decade. Even their roles have also been shifted from softer roles in Corporate Social Responsibility, Philanthropy, Human Resources to decision making and operations across all industries. These new roles have put the myth that women are not skilled at networking and socializing in a business environment to rest.

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